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Appointment Policy

Do you need an appointment for your special steed? You do but its hard for us to be precise about the date of return for all but the most simple jobs. Often our customers ask us for a service and “check the funny noise from the back somewhere when I turn right or go over a bump”. That could result in a replacement of a substantial number of failed or worn parts which because of the age of the car may be in short supply. Or how about the guy who brought his car in for a service and eventually had us rebuild it entirely over a three year period. Anyway these things conspire to make scheduling extremely difficult especially if it’s happening to cars that arrived at our shop before yours.

But there are ways to work around these issues and if you keep in touch with us we will do everything we can to make your chariot available for that track event, show or date that is just too important to miss.

By Phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone?
You can make a reservations by calling
972-831-8111 between 10am and noon.